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Who Are We?

Invences is a leading global provider of end-to-end, technology-enabled business solutions, including Telco Networks, Network Operations, Telco Cloud Ops, Cyber Security, DevOps, AIOps and other IT solutions. Founded in Seattle, Invences currently serves all states of US and extensive global operations. Invences empowers mid-market enterprises, Fortune 1000 companies, and government agencies to drive business transformation and improve operational performance by implementing advanced technologies—carried out by proven, cross-industry, multi-platform experts who are completely dedicated to customer satisfaction.

Our Mission

To build a highly skilled team of engineers and project managers who can effectively deliver professional services at existing and next-gen industry standards.


At Invences, our vision is to provide best-in-class IT staffing, customized, flexible and scalable business applications and IT Infrastructure services to our worldwide clients.

Our Core Value

Our executive management team possesses a strong background in all aspects of business and information technology, resulting in an unprecedented ability to develop business by increasing visibility, productivity, and growth.

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Satisfied Customers

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