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Primarily our client has traditional business for real estate industry. But now they need their business to go digitally. So that they can enhance their business through online for better results. For that they need technical and digital assistance hence they contacted Invences thereby providing all their digital requirements for their real estate industry. Targeting individuals looking for property management services or real estate investments were considered secondary goals.


case studies

We identified four core strategies to help our client to gain traction online and start generating better profits: Increased Search Engine Visibility:- The first step we have done is understands our clients website and its strengths & weaknesses. A site audit is where we started. We had a basic understanding of competitors and their techniques as well. Then secondly we have determined from limited resources what we can achieve, short term, long term etc. If the issue is weak domain authority we need to focus on back links, if it is conversions and pogo sticking - it is the landing page experience etc. Social Media Branding:- We have used the right real estate hashtags to optimize our client’s content. We have included relator quotes in to our client’s content strategy. Invences utilized the best social media tools to enhance our client’s business. Pay-per-Click (PPC) Marketing:- We have offered our client’s with an amazing direct marketing tool to help produce high-targeted leads. This strategy, called Pay-per-Click (PPC) advertising, allows immediate visibility on day one. These ads achieve fantastic results when someone who understands how to properly set up the campaigns within Google AdWords and who can structure the ads around high demand and low-cost search terms. Google Remarketing Campaigns:- Remarketing Campaigns create a second chance to reach website visitors. By using cookies to track those who visited and left Supreme Auctions’ website, we could have visually persuasive ads follow them as they browsed elsewhere on the web. This is one of the most effective ways which we have implemented to increase our client’s brand awareness and encourage purchases with their potential customer base.


case studies

Increase in new visitors as well as organic traffic has kept our client’s business looking at continued growth year after year. Cost Efficient:- We provide cost effective digital marketing services to our client. We offer free publicity at comparatively lower pricing to that of traditional marketing. Client was very happy with our services that too in such an affordable cost. Increased Exposure:- On considering the numerous housing projects that vary in size, location and cost, having a digital marketing strategy we expands your overall reach and even customize that reach towards a selected target market. Performance Analysis:- Our digital marketing services offers numerous ways to keep track of an advertisement’s performance in the competitive marketplace, making it easier for our client to understand what marketing technique works best for our client’s products.