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case studies

There were majorly two main problems with our client’s Pay per Click campaign for their health and wellness business. Firstly the cost to obtain a single lead was 1000 INR - which was very expensive. The second issue was that client consistently received bad leads which were driving up the overall cost of the campaign.


case studies

After signing on with Invences, the first thing our team recommended was to shift the website hosting to another company which provided access to Log files. Also it was decided that some of the content should be added to our client’s website. This helped in targeting people who were searching for these topics. Also Invences helped fine tune other SEO aspects of the website. However, after closely monitoring the account, we also realized that there was significant Click Fraud on client’s account. We identified the networks and ips which were generating fraud clicks and submitted that report to both Yahoo and Google. After persistent follow ups we were also able to receive partial refunds from both the search engines.


case studies

Initially there was a drop in overall traffic because we were eliminating a lot of costly bad terms and eliminating click fraud ips and networks. But the cost per lead decreased and the overall quality of leads improved significantly. Invences has used a very thorough rigorous approach to PPC management. We have used all the feedback we had given them about the lead quality, as well as doing their own research to bring our cost per sale down from well over 1000 INR per sale to less than 250 INR per sale. Obviously, this has saved us a significant amount of money as well as the time we were spending on poor leads.