Network Operation

Large-scale enterprises with extensive networks and commercial network service providers typically have a Network Operations Center (NOC). In general, Network Operations Center is a centralized location where dedicated staff provide minute-by-minute supervision, monitoring, and management of servers, database, firewalls, devices and related services. It is a room equipped with devices that provide performance analysis of the networks being monitored. With the use of next-gen workstations the detailed status of the networks can be monitored using a software built for network management. For large-scale organizations, the NOC acts as the nervous system to manage and optimize business tasks, perform network administration and troubleshooting, handle software distribution, performance monitoring and coordination with affiliated networks. Apart from monitoring networks for certain conditions, our NOC teams also provide special attention to prevent substandard service. Our ability to manage and operate more than one NOC simultaneously over different networks gives us an edge over the competitors in the industry. In addition to regular monitoring of internal and external networks, we do send our findings and predictions of probable load due to social events, geographical or political turbulence to get a head-start on circumventing disruption scenarios.

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