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Telco cloud is a software-defined, highly resilient cloud infrastructure that allows telecom companies to add services more quickly, respond faster to changes in demand, and centrally manage their resources more efficiently. It is one of the key foundational components for transforming a telecommunications company into a digital service provider. While the Cloudified Network enables the transformation of user experience, it also gives rise to new challenges to the network operations team. Some of the challenges are fault management in virtualized networks and multiple network entities and IP network management. Cloud based Telco infrastructure is an adaptation of IT technologies into the telecom world. This brings challenges to the operations teams to manage these new technologies, demanding new skills and a new mindset to support the new cloudified infrastructure. These challenges cannot be tackled solely by introducing management systems or automation. The optimization of the process flow and organization are considered in term of new staff knowledge and skill set training, which are vital to the seamless operation during the migration from the operation of existing legacy network to the new cloudified network operation. Early telco clouds applied virtualization concepts from the datacenter into the network. With the advent of 5G, telco clouds are building newer technologies like containers and microservices, as well as hybrid cloud architectures. As they are deployed into telco clouds, containers and microservices will have to coexist with older virtualized network functions (VNFs), like EPC, SD-WAN and security technologies, that are running today. Invences offers these services and solutions with its experienced workforce.

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